News: Pure VPN Launches Chrome Security Exention



Google Chrome plugin from VPN provider PureVPN.

VPN provider PureVPN has expanded their offering to include a new extension for Google chrome. The plugin brings support for their virtual private network right into the Chrome browsing experience, while adding various additional features to improve the users security and browsing experience.

Once installed, the extension gives you access to the 180 servers located in over 140 countries around the world, making it easy to switch locations and unlock content as required. Experienced users can tweak the settings to meet their specific security requirements, or simply use the default settings as a base level of defense against data collection and tracking.

Adblock and VPN in a One Extension

Ad block has become very popular over the past 10 years. The Adblock extension for Chrome currently has over 10 million downloads, but in the past year the company behind the plugin has started to sell their own ad space. As an alternative (or additional) line of defense, this extension provides ad blocking functions. It also blocks tracking requests to third party platforms who collect and sell consumer data.

Additional Security Features

Beyond ad blocking, this extension claims to help block malware from accessing your system through the browser. The details on what exactly this means are a bit vague, but PureVPN claims that it is maintaining a list of potential threats and actively scanning the sites being accessed to block any potential threats. While there is sure to be room for error, this additional security can’t hurt.

The company released this video to promote the new Google Chrome integration. While it’s light on details, it does provide a high level overview of how the extension works and illustrates the results you can expect.

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