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The web is full of VPN services with a similar offering. Most have a large bank of servers located throughout the world, complete with a simple one-click software to connect your computer. That said, one of the biggest hesitations people have towards trying these services is the price.

To help users see the value in their VPN offering, offers free connections for users to get a feel for how the services works. While the price is perfect, the product is somewhat limited. The free network only includes a limited number of countries and has a hard cap on the bandwidth allowed at 2 GB’s.

Countries supported in the free VPN offering are:

  • Canada
  • Singapore
  • Netherlands

If you’re not looking to do any video streaming or peer to peer file sharing, the service can work in a snap. In the event that you’re looking to go beyond, the pricing is competitive. We have not had a chance to interact with their customer support to provide any details for you, but subscribe to our feed for our upcoming review.