Coupon Code: Save 50% on IPVanish for a Year

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IPVanish Citizen's Coupon Promotion - Available to August 23, 2017

IPVanish has just released a limited time coupon code, offering 50% off a yearly subscription to their VPN service. The promo aims to raise awareness for privacy issues, specifically for people who take to the internet to share their political opinions.

The idea stems from a case where the American department of Justice requested specific user data from an internet hosting provided. From the IPVanish site:

The Department of Justice is giving web-hosting company, DreamHost, a waking nightmare. The service is being forced to fight against a wide-reaching DOJ warrant demanding private information about millions of visitors to a specific website on their servers.

With the current government making it clear that they are willing to pursue and persecute people for their online activity, a VPN provider like IPVanish has never been more important. Their virtual private network, or any other VPN, that doesn’t log data about users can provide an important layer of defense against these types of privacy intrusions.

Aside from 50% off IPVanish for a year, the company will also be donating a portion of the money made from this promotion to the Electronic Frontier Foundation – a group whose mandate is “The leading nonprofit defending digital privacy, free speech, and innovation.”